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About the UNITY Movement

The UNITY Movement is a collective of people endeavouring to bring unity back to our community. We provide opportunities, tools and support to help people connect with others.

How do we do it? We demonstrate love and respect through our words and actions as an aligned community.

Our Core Values: Community, Conversations, Peace, Harmony, and Mutual Respect.

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For Medical Professionals
Legal Team
For Legal Support
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For the Community
More About the UNITY Movement
Who We Are
  • People who are taking a stand against divisive politics
  • Community Leaders, Professionals from all areas (Health Care, Politics, Law etc) Parents, Business Owners, Students, and other Concerned Citizens
  • Advocates for the importance of community and of mental health
What we Do
  • Support those who have been marginalized by policy. (Eg: Give chicken to people who lost their jobs to mandates)
  • Create opportunities for people to meet in person and online (Eg: Remind people they are not alone and not crazy)
  • Provide tools and information to businesses that help them navigate their rights in the midst of current policies (Eg: Connect them with vetted legal resources)
  • Create communities of empowered individuals, working together for the common good
What we Don't Do
  • Drama
  • Dwell on the negative
  • Break the law or encourage others to do so
  • Get into debates and argue
  • Discriminate against someone based on personal medical decisions
  • Try to get all the people to do or be the same and think the same
  • Give legal or medical advice
We Believe
  • You don’t have to pick a side
  • It’s the imposed polices that are dividing us, not the people
  • People and businesses that are equipped can facilitate a change in policy
  • We need the mandates to end for the sake of mental health and the good of society
  • People can be personally accountable and responsible
  • There’s a place for everyone
  • I respect your decision, even though I might make a different one
  • All the community members matter
  • Its not about who is right and who is wrong
  • We are all people, and deserve to be treated equally
We Are Not
  • A religious group
  • A political group
  • An ‘antivax’ group
  • A violent group
Get Involved
  • Connect with a friend who is wearing a UNITY wristband
  • Support a business displaying the UNITY sticker
  • Sign up on our website to be added to our mailing list