What is the Unity Movement?
A collective of people endeavouring to bring unity back to our community.
What do we do?
We provide opportunities, tools and support to help people connect with others.
How do we do it?
Demonstrate love and respect through our words and actions as an aligned community.
What do we do?
Community, Conversations, Peace, Harmony and Mutual Respect
Let’s take our freedoms back, end all the mandates, and give people the right to choose again. #UNITYMOVEMENT
The Unity Community
Hear from people who have joined the UNITY Movement.
Jenelle PKelowna, BC

I am here because these never-ending mandates have:
🔨  Crushed small businesses
💔  Torn apart families
👧🏻  Devastated children
➗  Created division amongst people
🧠  Destroyed mental health
🇨🇦  Robbed us of our freedoms and right to choose

Rob PKelowna, BC

I'm here because enough is enough. I can't stand idly by or quiet anymore in the face of unjust rule and order. I'm here to fight for those who need a voice to stand up for them and to link arms with those who are ready to be loud and proud. I'm here because of my love of PEOPLE and wishing ALL are able enjoy the lives they deserve to have living in a free society. I'm here to protect the future of our young. I'm here to fight for truth. I'm here because these times will go down as some of the most crucial, pivotal moments in our lifespans and I wish to carve my name alongside yours on the correct side of history.

Erin SLangley, BC

I’ve joined this movement because after everything we’ve been put through the last two years, banding together as a community is absolutely essential. I believe we all have the right to weigh risks, do research and decide for ourselves how we see ourselves through this. Proud to be by everyone’s side here!

Toni HWest Kelowna, BC

I'm here because I don’t believe what’s happening in Canada is right. I'm a mom to two beautiful kids and I want to protect their future and rights. I believe in freedom of choice and it feels like our rights are slowly being stripped away one after another. The segregation and discrimination has to end. We all should be free to choose what goes into our bodies.

Faye CSherwood Park, AB

I joined because I believe in freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of peaceful protest or assembly, freedom of exchange of ideas, autonomy of health choices. History shows that even temporary loss of freedoms by government are never returned to the people when the crisis is over.

Natalie HNova Scotia

Love from Nova Scotia. It's been beautiful to watch your movement grow. Hoping businesses in Nova Scotia will get on board. Unity is the only way 💚